October 1, 2023

October 1, 2023

Sunday Worship Service

Sermon Series: Secular Foundation – Inspecting the structure and finding God

Key Passages: Genesis 1:26-27; 1 John 3:16 (CSB)

Speaker: Pastor Peter C. Steele


If you’re new or visiting with us online, we are so honored you are joining us! Please fill out the WELCOME card on our website. At the bottom of the home page you will find a way to request more information about Coulee Rock, join our email list or stay connected on our slack app.

Pastor’s Social

When: Sunday, October 29th from 6-8pm

Where: The Steele’s Home

What: The Pastor’s Social is a chance for new families or individuals to come and get to know the Coulee Rock Family.

Pizza and dessert will be provided.

Fall Books

We are excited to announce the fall books for the Women’s Book Club! We are still pinning down dates – but these are the books we’ll be doing:

  1. In Good Time by Jen Pollock Michel

Meeting Details:

When: Friday, Oct. 27 @ 6:00pm 

Where: Panera Bread in Onalaska

What: Read & discuss whatever portion of the book you are able to read.

Please sign up at church if you plan to join us and/or email info@couleerock.com. 

2. Being Elisabeth Elliot by Ellen Vaughn

Meeting Details: We will meet in January.  So – you can all ask for that for Christmas!

Looking forward to connecting over good books with you all!

Membership Orientation

Sunday, November 19th from 4-5:30pm at Coulee Rock Church

Please email info@couleerock.com if you are interested in membership or have questions.