Pray Like This

Pray Like This

Pray Like This: Your Will Be Done

Pastor Peter Continues working through The Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 by wrestling through the question, how do we pray “Your will be done” even when it feels like God’s will is painful & may cost us something?

Pray Like This: Your Kingdom Come…

What does it mean to pray “Your kingdom come” when we personally feel distant from His kingdom & our world feels messed up & upside down & we’re needing hope for renewal / redemption? Pastor Peter continues our series through the Lord’s Prayer to address these very questions.

Pray Like This: Hallowed Be Your Name

Pastor Peter continues our powerful series through the Lord’s Prayer. We continue in Matthew 6:9 asking what it means to pray to honor & recognize God’s name as Holy, both in our lives, but also to our friends when it feels awkward as we’re set apart as aliens & strangers.