Messages from December 2022

Messages from December 2022

Preparing for Hope – Hope Realized

On this Christmas morning, Pastor Peter wraps up our series Preparing for Hope by answering the question, where do we find hope? Through Isaiah 9:6 & Matthew 2:9-12, we find we hope, despite the gloom of the distressed land, because God’s gift–His Son Jesus Christ–brings peace.

Preparing for Hope – Looking Back & Forward

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Savior we can struggle to reconcile the world we live in with the hope we’ve been celebrating for 2,000 years in the birth of Christ. Where is this Hope that seems promised in the birth of Jesus? Pastor Peter continues our series Preparing for Hope by looking at Matthew 4:12-17 to answer that question.

Preparing for Hope – Looking Forward

Pastor Peter begins our Christmas series Preparing for Hope by looking at Luke 1:26-38 & asking the question, how do we peer through, or past, our circumstances in order to trust God’s plan enough to offer ourselves for the glory of God?